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Other Books by
Trish Macdonald Skillman

author of Writing the Thriller

Buried Secrets

by Trish Macdonald Skillman

"This is a compelling novel with a well-developed plot that grabbed my attention and held it. Even though I thought I knew what was going on, I really didn't and suspense kept building right up to the end" -- Gayle Wedgewood, Mystery News, June/July 1995

The sun glints off Michigan's Trumpeter Lake. A blue heron fishes in the shallows, and the trees cast lacy shadows on the manicured lawns. For Nicki Prevot, single mother of a young daughter, Trumpeter Lake is deliverance from a life of poverty and violence, all because a benefactor anonymously bequeathed her a house and a trust fund to begin a new life.

But within days of her arrival, strange sensations begin to pull at Nicki, fainting spells overcome her, and in the concerned faces of her new neighbors and friends, Nicki begins to suspect deception. Fatal deception.

Now Nicki must confront the dark undertow beneath her glimmering new life. Because here at Trumpeter Lake her own painful past is buried. And with it a man who is watching from the shadows -- waiting to strike again....

Someone To Watch Over

by Trish Macdonald Skillman

"Fans of Mary Higgins Clark will love Someone To Watch Over." -- Nancy Pickard, author of But I Wouldn't Want to Die There.

Kate Eldridge could be your neighbor, your best friend, your daughter. She could even be you. Recently widowed and facing a bleak economic future, Kate is determined to protect eleven-year-old Sarah and four-year-old Cody from the small-town gossip that surrounds their father's death.

Initial uneasiness over gifts and unsigned cards containing much-needed cash turns to alarm after Kate discovers evidence that her anonymous benefactor has been entering her home. As a series of accidents appear to befall anyone who exchanges cross words with Kate or her children, a frightening pattern emerges.

Who is doing these things? Why has Kate's intruder begun to refer to Sarah and Cody as his children? And how will he react when an old love reenters Kate's life?

With the drawing of a shade, Kate finds herself in a terrifying race to rescue her children from a tortured stalker who swears all he ever wanted was Someone To Watch Over.

Books by Trish Macdonald Skillman

  1. Writing the Thriller, Writers Digest Books, (ISBN: 0-89879-928-7)
    [This title is out of print . If you have trouble finding it through a used bookstore or prefer an unread copy, you may order from the author.]

  2. Buried Secrets, Dell Paperback, June 1995 (ISBN: 0-440-21742-3)
    [This title is out of print and no longer available from the author. Please try used booksellers or online sources.]

  3. Someone to Watch Over, Dell Paperback, November 1994 (ISBN: 0-440-21739-3)
    [This title is out of print . If you have trouble finding it through a used bookstore or prefer an unread copy, you may order from the author.]

  4. Quick Reference Rules for English Grammar, T M Skillman, September 1996
    [This booklet is available direct from the author.]

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